Dollar Tree – 15 Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

Dollar tree is a store present in most of the United States. This shop sells all items for just $ 1 each. Here are the items you should buy at Dollar Tree instead of supermarkets or convenience stores to save money.

15 Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

1. Greeting Cards

Why spend $ 5- $ 7 to buy a card while Dollar Tree sells $ 1 each, sometimes $ 1 two. Surely one of us would agree that the wishes written in the card are more important and meaningful than the value of the card. Buy a cheap card and write on it the most sincere wishes.


2. Gift Bags

No one is more interested in gift bags than the ones in gift bags. Why spend a lot of money to buy gift bags when Dollar Tree only sells $ 1 each.


3. Party Supplies

It is estimated that you can save 70% of the money when buying party items such as straws, paper cups, tablecloths, balloons, etc.


4. Christmas Decorations

From cherries to tinsel, this store only sells $ 1 each, regardless of time.


5. School Supplies

Notebooks, coloring books, crayons, glue, tape, etc. are sold a lot and are very cheap at Dollar Tree.


6. Glass Vase

Dollar tree sells glass vases with many different models to choose from.


7. Toys

No need to buy a toy that costs a few tens of dong. If you want to surprise your kids, take them to Dollar Tree and say they can buy 5 of their favorites. You only cost $ 5.


8. Glasses For Reading

Why spend $ 5- $ 10 to buy a reading glasses while Dollar Tree only sells for $ 1.


9. Pregnancy Test

Dollar Tree’s pregnancy rods have been tested for quality and guaranteed results with more than 99% accuracy.


10. Pet Supplies

Items such as food, necklaces, dog toys are also very diverse and cheap.


11. Common Cold

If you look at my home medicine cabinet, most of the medicine boxes like tylenol, advil, allergy medicine, etc. have expired. We often buy a box of pills only to take a few pills in a few days because the symptoms have disappeared, and left untouched for a few years and the medicine is out of date. Buy drugs in small quantities at Dollar Tree and save money.


12.Ly Glass, Ceramic Cup

You can find lots of glass jars of different sizes and shapes at Dollar Tree. The ceramic cups have no elaborate motifs on the cups. but it serves the main purpose of drinking water.


13. Picture Frame

Although not as many textures and designs as in other stores, Dollar Tree sells frames very “ok” and with many different sizes.


14. Car Fragrance

For only $ 1, you can buy up to two items to scent the car.


15. Cloth Towel

You can use these super-cheap towels for many different purposes such as cleaning your face, cleaning your hands, kitchen rags, etc.